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Cormorant and I sometimes chat down by the water.  Like we did this morning down where Arthur Kill meets Newark Bay.  We differ on some things, but usually it’s  . . . laissez faire, live and let live.

And then this came by.  It’s Discovery Coast, the brand spanking new tugboat I’ve seen twice before.  The first I was driving and traffic precluded pulling off for a foto and the second time was too dark.  This time I could have gotten it in the still golden light of 9:30 a.m.  But I averted my eyes. . . it was too much to bear.   I watched from the corners of my eyes until it passed  . . .

Its silhouette suggests . . . pagoda.  Just count the decks . . . if they be called that . . . six of them.  Discovery Coast just came out of the Main Iron works in Houma, LA.  Here’s the proud new owner answering questions about the vessel’s features.    From the interview, I can appreciate the vessel meeting all the latest guidelines.  And I’d love a tour of the living quarters.  But

if this is the look of the future, then what associations I have with that is  . . . so at one time was the Edsel!   And cormorant, well he took one look and

got outa there!

I wish fair winds, happy voyaging, and successful & profitable service to Discovery Coast and Chesapeake Coast . . . but with all due respect . . .  I’m with cormorant on this one.

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