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To paraphrase the line about the chanteuse grosse and something “being over,”  I couldn’t really feel

that I was back until the

the fat lady came into port, then the big orange PCTC must be she.    Topeka entered the sixth boro this morning, here escorted by Gramma Lee T Moran and Margaret Moran.

It turns out that Topeka and

Tortugas, which I saw just over two weeks ago in Panama, could not be more similar.  Both were built in Nagasaki in 2006, registered in Southhampton, and have a car-carrying capacity of 6354 automobiles!

Topeka’s itinerary for March is as follows:

2012 March 30th, 10:00:09 UTC New York
2012 March 28th, 08:30:29 UTC Halifax
2012 March 18th, 01:00:53 UTC Southampton
2012 March 15th, 22:00:24 UTC Zeebrugge
2012 March 13th, 23:00:50 UTC Bremerhaven
2012 March 11th, 13:00:27 UTC Zeebrugge
2012 March 6th, 05:00:54 UTC Barcelona
2012 March 4th, 22:00:49 UTC Voltri
2012 March 1st, 19:00:17 UTC Izmir

Tortugas‘s for the past two months is as follows:

2012 April 7th, 06:00:56 UTC Yokohama
2012 March 26th, 01:00:23 UTC Tacoma
2012 March 22nd, 07:30:45 UTC Port Hueneme
2012 March 12th, 13:00:30 UTC Manzanillo
2012 February 29th, 02:45:56 UTC Southampton
2012 February 27th, 10:00:16 UTC Zeebrugge
2012 February 24th, 15:00:35 UTC Bremerhauen
2012 February 5th, 05:00:55 UTC Brunswick
2012 February 2nd, 18:00:15 UTC Newark Berth 17
2012 February 2nd, 05:00:23 UTC New York

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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