Day 1 . . . and I won’t call these “road fotos” since this was the arrival . .   the Pacific side from  . . . 10,000 feet?

It appears that from noon to 6 pm all traffic, like Senatore, went south to the Pacific.

Those are the container cranes of port of Balboa beyond Marianne Schulte.

What was this place like 99 years ago?

Note the electric locomotives assisting Atlantic Polaris and Nord Snow Queen.  The temperature outside is just shy of 90 F.

My first thought here was  . .  K-Sea?

I haven’t researched this, but I heard this ferry was built in Boston in 1912 . . .

Also, no research, but what is B/E . .  as in B/E Atlas III?

So this answers that . . . it’s V. B. Coiba, not a K-sea vessel after all.  She was towing a set of barges with pipe.

I caught Ever Dynamic rounding Bergen Point about a month ago.  . .  and Bow Summer has just come off the US East coast.  That tug is Verdaguas 1 it seems she assistsvessels entering the locks.  As nightfall approached, she cross from above Miraflores to below to turn the traffic to north and Atlantic bound . . . probably til midnight. And those locomotives, they do NOT pull vessels through;  they only keep them stable between sides of the canal, i.e., prevent collisions with the sides of the chamber.

Again, I’ve done no research, so I don’t know where this tug was built, when, …

And the crews . . . compared with their demeanor in the frozen and lonely KVK . . .

were quite jovial.

All fotos today by Will Van Dorp.