You’ve probably seen some version of the “what I really do” meme.  I’ve seen some good ones on Facebook.  If you want to use the template, click here.

But . . .   being a person who can’t exactly follow the drum beats of others, here’s my version.

What my mother thought I do.

What bowsprite caught me do.

What some friends think I do.

What my parrot (Nigel) thinks I do.

What I wish I could do . . . if not everyday,  then at least twice a week . . . and what kind of access I wish were possible.  The foto shows John A. Noble.

What my grandchild thinks I do.

What I think I do . . .

What I really do . . . at least on rainy or very cold days off.

Happy Leap Day!  

In case you’re wondering about the second foto from the end, that doorway with the gothic window is part of new construction at the KVK eat/drink/foto spot formerly known as R. H. Tugs, which I’m eager to see reopen.     A friendly conversation with the new owners the other day confirmed they understand the attraction for many of us of that location.   I use their door here as a generic portal, a pathway between one world and another.  What I am gratified to hear some of you say is  . . . my obsession as illustrated by this blog . . . helps you understand some of what you see in the harbor and draws you in to observe more carefully.  Wow!  Thanks.