… and actually much much more happened today.  CSAV Rio Aysen  came in before nine this morning and might be discharging its almost 5000 automobiles in Bayonne as I write this.   Since entering the trade in 2007, I wonder how many automobiles she has transported across oceans . . .

Miriam Moran and Gramma Lee T Moran spin her for a stern first docking in the Upper Bay.   Not having eyes myself inside the port, I can’t

tell you what make of cars she bears.  I’ll bet she traversed the Panama Canal recently.

Bound for sea and Norfolk, APL Indonesia is three years younger than CSAV Rio Aysen.

Exactly a month ago, APL Indonesia departed Ningbo, China.   What stories might these crew have to tell?

I’ll bet she traversed the Panama Canal not long ago and will soon do it again.   The tug in the distance is Resolute.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who’s detecting a theme here.