The thermometer read 23 degrees F, winds gusted between 20-27 mph, and my blood has stayed thin in this mild winter.

Crew on Brendan does exactly what they’d do if it were midsummer, anchor hawse rinse notwithstanding.

For this or any job, each person has private mix of motivation, some set of reasons for tolerating the discomfort . . .

This blogger/fotographer comes out here for the big bucks, of course.  That and the ability to  see great names like this Silver Lining.

This 3-plus-mile ditch is a microcosm of places like the Panama Canal, the Shanghai offing, the English Channel/La Manche.

There’s something to be said for being inside, but at the same time . . .

it’s exhilarating out here.

By now Brendan and Kimberly have their tanker secured at the dock, and have no doubt moved on to the next assist.

All fotos this morning by Will Van Dorp.  For a scientist’s tracking of sixth boro weather this season, check out seaAndsky.

If you’re in NYC, this movie comes out this week at  Anthology Film Archives and  it’s about this world and called The Forgotten Space.   I plan to see it next weekend.

By the way, according to the site Shipspotting, here’s Silver Lining‘s itinerary for the past three months:

2012 February 10th, 13:00:18 UTC New York
2012 January 26th, 23:30:17 UTC Milford Haven
2012 January 22nd, 22:30:40 UTC Amsterdam
2012 January 8th, 19:00:25 UTC Freeport
2011 December 22nd, 22:00:37 UTC New York
2011 December 4th, 14:01:32 UTC Brofjorden
2011 November 28th, 19:00:54 UTC Skagen
2011 November 28th, 09:00:54 UTC Brofjorden
2011 November 28th, 00:01:18 UTC Rotterdam
2011 November 12th, 14:30:24 UTC Montreal