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Note that I had to retitle yesterday’s post, because I had posted a “seven seas 2” two years ago already.  A conversation this week prompts yesterday’s and today’s post:  the K-Sea fleet in the sixth boro has been changing since their acquisition by Kirby last year.  But as Isaac Asimov and Heraclitus each in his own way said . . . shift happens.    For example, twenty years ago there was no K-Sea.  It emerged in 1993 out of Eklof, which had existed in the harbor since 1910.  In 2008, K-Sea itself absorbed Roehrig.

Anyhow, I decided to see what K-Sea units I’ve taken fotos of in the past half year, and here they are.  Big caveat . . .  I’m not out there around the sixth boro every day or even most days AND I don’t foto everything I see.  A webcam might do that, but although my interest is documenting, I value an attempt at aesthetic pleasure as well, and webcams can’t do that.

So here goes:  Lincoln Sea departed here yesterday, but no foto.  Jan 8 . . . Norwegian Sea

McKinley Sea . . . Dec. 4.

Davis Sea . . . also Dec. 4.

Barents Sea . . . Dec. 2.

Aegean Sea . . .  Nov. 15.

Java Sea . . . Nov. 6.

Maryland . . . Oct. 23.

Viking . . . Oct 16.

North Sea . . . Sept. 20

Ross Sea . . . Sept. 4.

and Baltic Sea, this morning . . . docked along Badagry Creek, Lagos.

Again, I’m making no claims that these are the only K-Sea boats around . . . just that these are the ones I’ve taken fotos of in the past half year.   A quick search on AIS today shows Inland Sea and Houma in Philly; Odin, North Sea, and Volunteer around the Gulf of Mexico, and all others . . . maybe  . .  at sea.

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