OOoops . .  there was a “seven seas 2” already here.  Here was the first in this series.  Today’s post stems from my inability to identify a very distant K-Sea tug in the second foto here; thanks to Jed and Harold for setting me straight.  K-Sea units that used to be commonplace in the sixth boro are in fact scattered to the seven “seas”:  Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of Guinea.   So I decided to post today all the white K-Sea tugs I’ve foto’d in the past half month.  There is the new infusion of green K-Sea units, too. Of course, other units have passed through the harbor;  these are just the ones I’ve seen.  After all, I do have other claims on my time.  For the K-Sea story and ALL their units, past and present, check out Birk and Harold’s fantastic site here.

Solomon Sea, passing Barbara McAllister,

Davis Sea, on our only snow storm to date,

Greenland Sea,

Beaufort Sea, 

and Bering Sea. 

Some units are parked at Mariner’s Harbor, and the profitable ones that I didn’t see during this period must be where they should be:  at sea!

If your reading this post from WAY outside the sixth boro and sight a K-Sea vessel and you COULD snap a foto to send along, I’ll post it in a “far-flung” post.