First, you will notice a new icon “button” on the left.  It’s a harborcam for Giglio port with live feed showing salvage efforts.

The last time subs appeared on this blog they were antiques, John P. Holland’s prototypes.  The monochromatic tube below encircled by the unmistakeable yellow/orange Edison Chouest tugs 2, 3, and 4 is as far removed from Holland’s vessel as can be.   The “tube” is SSBN 734 USS Tennessee, returning from sea.  I can imagine the crew will be very happy to exit vessel and get reaquainted with the rythyms of day and night.    By the way, the Edison Chouest tugs here technically double as pilot boats.

Surfaced SSBNs returning from or bound to sea all tend to look alike. 

These fotos were taken in the vicinity of Kings Bay, GA along the St. Mary’s River.   They come compliments of

Capt. John E. Dupee, a Kings Bay pilot, the tallest person on the “sail” below,  and frequent commenter on this blog. Last summer in northern Florida I had the pleasure of meeting  John aka JED, who used to work for K-Sea outa New York. 

Many thanks, JED.

Click here to see fotos from the weekend in 2008 that the sixth boro had TWO subs visit.