This “random” title just serves to catch me up, post a few fotos that haven’t worked into any other posts.

This is my first sighting of Atlantic Salvor, 1976, frequently on this blog. With new paint and who knows what else, she’s just back in the sixth boro from a trip to Lake Erie.  She spent Christmas somewhere on the St. Lawrence downstream from Montreal.  Now that was a trip I coveted a berth on.

Catherine Turecamo and James Turecamo, (1972, 1969, respectively) in midafternoon twilight, waiting to escort in inbound ship outside the red 28.

Oyster Creek (2011) passing the Statue, where a new yellow sculpture has been erected?

Matthew Tibbets (1969)

Reinauer Twins, less than six months at work.   More than once, I’ve heard folks identify a unit like Twins and RTC 104 as a ship.

And here I can’t identify this, although I would have said Sea Bear.  Note the raised

steel letters on the port bow.

Diane B, Peter F. Gellatly, and Kristy Ann Reinauer.  (1980, 2008, and 1962)

And now for some fotos from the road,  Mary Bennett  (1977) in Newport News,

and Corpus Christi (2009), married to

Petrochem Supplier, with a very bright

deck lamp.    A week after I took these fotos in Wilmington, she was in New York.  And to give some idea of her range, check out this incident report from 2010.

Margaret McAllister (1966) had a similar intense light as she saw Louise Knutsen (2010)out towards sea on the Cape Fear River.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.