A squadron of brants flew past the Green 7 buoy, followed by

Justine McAllister (1982 Jakobson Shipyard built),

Kristy Ann Reinauer (1962 Main Iron Works),

Norwegian Sea (1976 Burton Shipyard),

Mary Alice (1974 Service Machine and Ship).  Can you read the barge name?

Do you know the lyrics?  How was this barge dubbed with this name?

Also passing the green 7 this afternoon were Laura K. Moran (2008 Washburn & Doughty),

and Iron Mike, built 1977 but I know not where.   Named for the boxer?  Should get together with Steel Anna?  See foto 6.

Not the best light.  Certainly not balmy temperatures.  Truly a good way to spend some weekend time, though.

All fotos today by Will Van Dorp.

Related:  Note the crewman on the stern of Kristy Ann Reinauer above?  It’s Birk, the person behind tugboatinformation.com.

In that first foto, do you suppose those brants were ganging up on the gull guarding the buoy?