The sixth boro must have such a reputation for  . . . beauty that cutters like Seneca come to admire it, especially in late afternoon setting sun.  1535 hrs.

And I might construe this as an old bulker named Nassau, registered in Nassau Paradise, came to the sixth boro for

the same reason as WMEC-906.

1605 hrs . . .  I was out for that reason myself, to see Linda Moran eastbound, or

Pati R. Moran westbound at 1630.  I tried unsuccessfully to run to get closer for a better shot.

1644 . . . Laura K. heads northbound for a job.

1645 . .  Ellen S. Bouchard heads westbound past Barney Turecamo.

Parting shot of Ellen . .  a few seconds later.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.