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So many places and vessels, so little time.  Wilmington, NC . . . you’ve taken a piece of me, and I’ll be back for it.  Margaret McAllister sees Louise Knutsen toward the Cape Fear mouth.  See Louise in the sixth boro here a year ago.


Capt . George here at the dredgers’ pier.

Two Southern Dredging vessels assist two barges to the work site as hunters return to the boat ramp.

Left to right:  Cape Henry, Fort Macon, and Turecamo Boys.

Excursion yacht Mary Elizabeth seems to have a vintage that’s covered over for business.  Anyone know when she was launched?

This plant, which I’ll call just Venus or Dionaea muscipula, is native to areas within a 60-mile radius of Wilmington!!  Who knew!  The city has devoted public art to this carivore.

And the final fotos here I dedicate to bowsprite, who bedazzles with her art.  BB-55

is the epitome of bedazzling armor.  But if

ever she needed to float out of her cove, she’d need all dredgers and then all tugs available along the Cape Fear and from all ports within a few hundred miles.

Cheers from the road.   All fotos by Will Van Dorp.


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