When the road gets long and you see a unique sign like this promising paradise, who

could resist?  This is the terrestrial inland version of the ship graveyard on the Arthur Kill.  This old Packard used a ship’s wheel as decortion.

Ships disintegrate on a mudflat sink into ooze, whereas here trees surge through,

and kudzu carpets.

Post-war automobiles had art deco “figureheads” of all sorts, like this 1950 (?) Pontiac, and

this DeSoto.

Strolling through these north Georgia woods gives hints of a post-petroleum future, a time and place where

archeologists yet-to-be-born might devote years of research and write dissertations on puzzling markers like these.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  More road fotos . . . soon.

Note:  Old Car City is about two miles off I-75.