Being somewhat bored in rainy inland Georgia this morning, I thought to look through my drafts and found this . . . unfinished . . . from almost a year ago.  Enjoy.  Two years ago, I compared schooner hulls.  Be forewarned . . . some poignant fotos are here.

This hull reminds me of a streamlined and vibrant animal.  Can you guess it?

It’s Ellen S. Bouchard, launched 1982, 104′ loa x 35′ x 14′.

The next two fotos show the hull of Phillip T. Feeney, built 1892 . . . for as long as I can remember abandoned and disintegrating near the Port Richmond ferry landing.  I wrote about her here, and

Citynoise shimmied aboard her here.  Phillip will never again float, whereas

here’s Ellen S.  Check out the lower Manhattan skyline in the background and the absence of the towering 1 WTC. Cheers from away.  I’m surrounded by Georgia pine at the moment.  And come to think of it, what these two vessels do for the sixth boro is accomplished in upland Georgia by vibrant trees growing from the same ground and housing one type of life where old needles carpet the woods floor and fallen trees furnish it for others.

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