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This article in gCaptain prompted this post:  it could be called to trust or not trust . .  the knot.

A tug waits inside the Narrows like this every day, many times.  This time it’s Ellen McAllister.

As the vessel enters the Narrows . . . I’m guessing way before this for the other pilot . . . access is ready.

Tug sidles up and alongside, matching speed, and then

the docking pilot goes out to start the climb.  Notice the container vessel crewman waiting up top.

This is where you want to be 100% . .  10,000 per ten thousand times sure all goes well.

Once the docking pilot is safely on board, a whole new set of challenges begins.

All fotos taken last Sunday by Will Van Dorp, as Sea-land Meteor arrived.   By now she’s left a handful other ports and is rounding the bend defined by Key West and  and headed into the Gulf.

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