I didn’t go to Rockefeller Center to see the tree lighting;  in fact, I’ve never been, mostly because I’m working those nights.  But

truth be told, this is my favorite December light . . . crisp sun rise light on bright surface coating in the open vistas of  the sixth boro.

The foto above shows Orange Blossom traveling “juiceless” after four days offloading Brazilian juice in Newark.    No, I didn’t say useless.

Below it’s Sea Pike,

sister of Sea Trout.

Quintessential December colors in North America here emanate from the SKS Mosel and

surrounding KVK waters.

It’s the dark season, time when I need these glimmers of winter light.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Here was November Light from 13 months ago.  Looks like my hope that the 2011 Christmas Tree for Rockefeller Center did NOT arrive by water.

For some great ship fotos from Montreal, check out Jean Hemond‘s site . .  . under “galerie.”