Although I noticed  no harbingers of snowy December when I stopped briefly at the KVK this morning, my eyes were drawn beyond the barge and tug in the foreground.  My attention went right past what I believe is Greenland Sea  to the vessel in midstream.  Could

it possibly be . . . Barents Sea?    It’s been ages since I saw it move, and judging by

the carbon coming from the stacks, it may very well have been ages since it last ran?  And what might be in the works?

As I followed Barents back toward Mariners Harbor, I noticed another surprise . . . movement up on my favorite bridge.

Routine inspection?  Preliminaries to modification?

Who knows answers to any of these . . . I don’t.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.   Click here for a foto of Barents Sea and Atlantic Salvor in earlier lifetimes.  Atlantic Salvor appears to be keeping Ken Boothe company.