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<<This just in!  Tugster faces an immediate election!!  See note at end of this post.>>>

Here was 10.  Here was 3 . . . ,  and the others you can locate through the search window.  Guesses might include new amusement park equipment for Coney Island?   Doubleclick enlarges.

exports of the now-discarded Berlusconi?

Au contraire . . . it’s Giulio Verne, having appeared on this blog once long ago here.

I’d love to see a helicopter alight on the house deck.

So why is she in the sixth boro, you ask?  To help install a backup and down under power system.  Read prysmian’s press release here. Here are mostly land fotos of the project that carries the river’s name.

Click here for the specs and diagrams of the vessel.

When I got these fotos, she was at leisure, but

thanks to Kaya, who surfed QE2‘s wake here some years back, enjoy this foto of her at work last week.  On the extreme right side of the foto is Port Imperial, named for Mr. Imperatore, NYWaterways floating homeport.

Thanks much to Kaya for the foto above and for news of and info on GV’s visit.  All other fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  When something unidentifiable causes a traffic snarl on the Queensboro Bridge, it might just be Batman and a movie shoot.

More related:  Another recent visitor in the sixth boro has been this  . . . moltomega motor yacht . .  .  named Serene.   Thanks to eastriver for pointing out the article.


Tugster has been nominated for VillageVoice “best neighborhood (of course the sixth boro IS a NYC neighborhood and an ignored one at that!!) blog” AND for “best photo (even though that’s not how it’s really spelled) blog.”   It WOULD really be an honor to win this . . . so please vote vote and vote some more.  Ask your siblings and everyone to vote, please.

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