East side,

west side.



Container ship,




The pattern here is what divides those sets of fotos, the bridge . .  the one that turns 80.  Page through this fabulous PANYNJ pamphlet.

The GW turned 80 last month and–unlike others— I mostly missed it, because I don’t see the GW much.  But the Bayonne has

captured me, although I wonder why they don’t call it the Staten Island Bridge, or at least the Bayonne-Staten Island Bridge.

or the Bergen Point-Port Richmond Bridge, mimicking the name of the ferry it displaced.

Here’s a record of Bowsprite’s first crossing;  here’s what was happening in the world when the Bridge was dedicated.

The Bridge was built in a fashion that allowed traffic to continue on the Kill below;  now it appears this will happen as it gets modified.  Stand tuned.  Here’s the plan.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.