I see a lot of tugs, but I haven’t seen Atlantic  Salvor since August, and here .  .  I learn why.   It must have followed the reverse track of Staten Island ferries coming from the Great Lakes to the sixth boro. 

Deckhand on Bohemia the other day charmed the  eye of this line right around the bollard, untangling itself as it flew, like

this group of  tugs in mid-KVK the other day.  And it made me think that if starlings are said to group themselves in murmurations (and crows in murders), then  . ..  how about sometimes . . a “tangle of tugs?”  Or

a wedge of escorts?

 Or a  muster of them?

A cast?

A clamour of them?

Waves of them?

An ostentation of one?

A rafter of tugs, lasting until

the pilot goes in . . . and

all slack leaves the lines and the ship comes off the dock.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.