Here was Birds 4.  Birds intrude on these fotos a fair amount just because they do.  I usually don’t intend bird fotos, but like the second from bottom here, they happen and make intriguing juxtaposition.  Vastly different proximity of bird and vessel sometimes  makes for apparently huge birds and new ways of seeing, as in the fotos of Julia Fullerton-Batten.

The same is true here;  helicopter and building here are several miles apart, but it did give pause.  And I was wondering whether it would alight upon some platform at the top.

But sometimes birds distract me from my usual subject.  Indulge me and take two minutes to watch this two-minute vimeo called “murmuration,” starting out with two girls in a canoe on a lake in Ireland.  If you’ve already seen it, pass it along to someone.

But back to my egret, who was tense, then slack, then tense, calculating … until

the fish seemed in range.

It came up empty-billed, but no matter.  There was plenty in the world beneath the boom to attract them with food, which reinforced the faith and patience of the egret.

Not the best shot, but a fairly typical one of a great blue heron, a timid bird that departs with very annoyed squawks.

Here’s another shot of an osprey I included here about two months ago, third foto from last.  To me this one suggests bird on fish like surfer on board.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.   And seriously, if you didn’t watch that vimeo . . . it’ll make your day.  Thanks to Maureen for sending it my way.  To me, it rivals the amazingvirtualreal  sequences in Avatar, the movie.  Here’s another bird/water video.