HanJin Lisbon can be called a “lazarus ship.”  Although the other three tugs are obscured in this foto, HJ Lisbon came in “cold”  last Saturday, technically a “dead ship” as she was escorted to Port Elizabeth.  But a bit over 24 hours later, she left under her own power, raised from her earlier cold.  No further details.  Foto and info from John Watson.

Maersk Carolina came in self-powered and with avian escort.  Maybe the gull was eyeing those

custom containers up top.

James River Bridge . . .  lots of Bridge vessels these days.   I’m not sure which James River it’s named for.

BBC Germany on the KVK . . . sounds like a great name for a movie . . .?

Here’s Quantico Creek lightering Glen, who arrived in the sixth bro just before

Glenda Melissa.

Over in Bayonne, Celebrity Silhouette loads.  Believe it or not, she carries a half acre grassy plot!   Might it be a greens garden for frisee and arugula, escarole and cress?

And finally, Newtown Creek, she who accentuates our commonality, she the sludge tanker.

Top foto by John Watson;  all others by Will Van Dorp.

A postscript on Random Ships 17, which featured fotos of Orange Star:  Toby sent me a link to this article on transporting orange juice . . .  an interesting read here.  Thanks much, Toby.