Bowsprite’s comment here prompts this post.   If love bites they be,

and anchor tears, then there’s wild creatures over the horizon beyond the sedate sixth boro limits.  Passionate mermaids?

Steel boring jellyfish?  Encounters that prompt sobbing lamentations?

And might some vessels use rouge and concealer to cover the marks?  Note the words “blue dolphin” painted out above the “BN Azzurrah.”

Some bows do look mighty throat-like.

Others might betray such clear shark genes that

they try to blend into the crowd.  Unnamed farther vessel is Chemical Pioneer, ex-Sea Witch!!

Some look almost like clowns, with rusty goatees and then

there’s this.

A cautionary note on too many anchor chair love bites . . . you could end up looking like Dispatch (See last foto at that link)!

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.