The almost-identical Vane tugs come in two sizes . . . externally  distinguishable by the height of the  upper wheelhouse.

Contrast the tower of  Bohemia above with that of Sassafras below.  Some I hear call the Bohemia etc. as the 4200 series and Sassafras the 3000 . .. as in horsepower.

Elk River and Oyster Creek . . .  size?

Bohemia and Sassafras (?) again.

Anacostia . . .   size?

Patapsco . . . size?

You were right if you grouped Patapsco and Anacostia with the 4200s, and the other two with the 3000 series.

I wonder about the communication going on here . .  a line of kayaks heading up the river as Elk River is attempting to turn to port aka “to the left”.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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