Excuse the teaser, but I’ve a lot to process here.  I’ll identify this vessel tomorrow, and give proper thanks, but for now, can you guess the vessel bearing this cryptic text?

This house has been on this blog before, as seen from outside.

I’d never imagined a pushbutton version of an engine order telegraph.

If you’ve paid attention to sixth-boro traffic, you may–like me–never have noticed this bell.

And protected by the bulwarks, this deck hardware never caught my attention.

Keep these threads slathered in grease and they might just operate for a century or two.

What lies behind this porthole cover?

Answers tomorrow.

And here . . . I apologize for dropping a ball.  Remember these panels (scroll all the way down) from almost a month ago?  I asked if anyone recognized them?  And there was an identification from “a tugster fan who lives on the East River and remembers when Union Station was a crumbling hulk.”   Union Station it was, and here’s another panel.

East River fan and rememberer, thanks for the answer.  

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.