. . .  if that were the case, I’d go shopping for a yacht.  I’d look at Emerald .  . nah!

Let me see . . . this one?

Sea Knight?  Nah!


Virginia?  Nah and nah!  But hark over there . . .

by the Statue . . .  not the one that’s jacked up on three legs . . . the other one . . .

It’s okay . . . no need to turn back, I mean no harm, I’m just an over-enthusiastic fan . . .

as Fred calls it, the  previously “rollover lifeboat,” originally a 1929 government boat.  I like it, even if it was a very bad year.  I’d love to see the interior space.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.   And those trawlers, I don’t know the manufacturers’ names.