Ever seen a nameboard up there?  Guess the vessel, the newest in the sixth boro.  I caught it sauntering through last Sunday.  For the evolution of this vessel at Senesco, check out Rod Smith’s updates here.  Doubleclick enlarges fotos.

She’s brand spanking new, having floated less than two months all tallied.So far as I know, she’s never pushed a barge, maybe never locked herself into the notch of one.  Her 4720 hp has not yet been put to a payload.

She’s never done a crew change yet.

I believe that all of the North River and Hudson are terra incognita to her.

She’s never pushed a loaded barge through the Narrows.  Oh the future possibilities are endless.  Welcome to the sixth boro.Here, as seen from several miles off, Reinauer Twins negotiates the Cut into Erie Basin likely for the first time.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  From virgin tugboat . . . lets segue over to Virginia V steamboat and Seattle’s farmboat floating markets . . . we have not yet made this happen in the sixth boro. Might the Salish Sea have some unidentified secrets that make farm market boats feasible there but not here, yet.