I’m working on identifying this . ..  tugboat and engine, but I know very little about these things.  I hope you enjoy the fotos as much as I liked taking them.   Is the wood/metal unit to the left side of the foto part of a coal hopper?

I homed in on text, but I don’t know this name.  The internet tells me they made marine motors but not what these motors powered.The wood/metal unit I mentioned before lies here between the engine and the boiler, I gather. 

Abaft the engine, I’m not sure what the pulley with chain would be . .. 

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who hasn’t been very helpful in this post.  Hope you enjoy looking at fotos and either identifying what I can’t or getting to this part of the post having learned very little along the way.  TES might offer more info at that link.  Maybe a trip to Mystic would help “demystify” these engines.  .