Guess the vessel and river?

The small red one with all the rowers is DC Dragons, and by now some of you already know the large gray one.

If you haven’t identified the destroyer yet, it was named for a man from County Wexford, Ireland, but that’s misleading because

John Barry  was born in 1745.

Click here to read of USS Barry‘s service record.  Click here to read of  my visit to another Forrest Sherman-class destroyer here.  Question here:  is the small vessel called a tender?  a launch?

Barry has two of these stacks.

Another question:  what is the function of the horizontally-oriented drum here on the stern of Barry?

And while I’m asking questions, does anyone recognize this panel?  What transportation-related building bears it?  More clues tomorrow, unless someone identifies the building . . .

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who can’t wait for life to slow down a bit.  Oh, and the river is NOT the Potomac but the Anacostia.