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The latest equinox is upon us, leading us to ways of celebrating it . . . making a “value-added” NOT tax but event.  For some,   it’s World Storytelling Day!  I like that.  It’s a huge improvement over last week’s “Talk Like a Sea-going Thug” day that lots of folks mark.  What I wonder is why someone  would  participate in a holidays that involves saying very little . .  all style and little substance.  I’d rather create an “act like Robin Hood Day” . .  or “smile like Mona Lisa Day.”

I’d love it if someone told me more of the stories implied here, like who was Eileen M. Roehrig and where did El Gallo (former names of vessel North Sea)  operate?   Kimberly Poling (in the background) used to be Jaguar.  What was her work history?

And if Nord Observer observed anything in the Nord, what was it?What has been the high point in Robert IV’s one-third century history?

Has Bohemia ever traveled up even a portion of the Bohemia River?  Could it even?

What thoughts did folks on board and on shore have about Kristy Ann ‘s style when she first hit the waters?

See the crewman in the extreme left side of this foto.  Who is he?  Where’s he from?  How long’s he been going to sea?  What curiosity does he have about the sixth boro?

Have folks associated with Morton seen bowsprite’s drawing?

What was peak drama in the half-century life of Thomas D. Witte?  How did DonJon–from all the other colors–choose this elegant shade of blue?  I mean it . . . I like this color.

Happy equinox, and celebrate World Storytelling Day, an event whose patron saint or muse or whatever you want to call it should be Scherazade.

If this link works, it’ll take you to a huge powerpoint presentation on Rotterdam’s recent “World Harbor Days,” a phenomenal water festival  where tugboats, pilot boats, security and rescue services, dredgers, cargo vessels, AND Chinese dancers and a draak (dragon)  got involved.  Could the sixth boro do this?    If so, THAT would be a story.  Click here for the first of many youtubes about the event.

I’m off on a gallivant this weekend.  Anyone have suggestions on where to find interesting vessels on the Potomac in the Arlington area?

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