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Most of you know the poem by Bobby Frost that starts out with the line . . . “Whose woods these are I think I know . . .”  Living in NYC, believe it or not, I have woods AND the Kills. On my way home from work today, I stopped by this spot on the Kill Van Kull.  Friends know I refer to this as my office.  I hope the city never makes this place a “park.”  I love it the way it is.  Today there were friends, including Kristy Ann Reinauer eastbound and Ever Radiant westbound, on her way in from (exactly one month ago) Shanghai.   Two years ago I caught Ever Radiant . . . in the KVK near my office as well.  Actually, in reference to these fotos, I’d ask “whose docks these were . . . I’d love to know . . .”  They’re just east of the Caddell yard and right across the KVK from IMTT.  By the way, click on that previous link and get a great aerial shot of the KVK looking west.

Moments before, I caught Ital Mattina, a month ago in Honk Kong, eastbound with Laura K. Moran nearby just before she

turns the big ship loose, spins on her own axis, and heads back to base.

Also during my stay at the KVK, this crane configuration went by, although if you doubleclick and look at this in larger format, you’ll see the Great Lakes New York eastbound, propelled by Miss Gill; and Weeks Marine 527 westbound, moved by Catherine Miller.

Speaking of cranes, you’ve seen WTC1 as background in many fotos here;  here’s a foto I took over the weekend looking straight up about 100′ from the west side of the base.

More cranes . . .  barge Farrell 256 is pushed into the KVK just shy of two weeks ago.  Can you identify the tug?

A slightly closer look help you?  Anyone know (I don’t ) what to call the series of four winches on the barge?

It’s the formerly orange  tug now know as Sarah Ann, and after two years, I’m still of two minds about the new paint scheme.

All fotos in September 2011 by Will Van Dorp, who’s just outa breath sometimes.

Unrelated . . .  click here to see the marine art of Tony Moffitt, hailing from Newcastle, Australian.

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