Everyone knows the “nothing–absolutely nothing–half so much worth doing as messing around in boats.”  I’d revise that as “nothing . . . quarter so much worth doing as watching  . ..  boats, whatever those vessels are doing.”  And I’m not the only one watching.  Cargoes and passengers on water intrigue me much more than those on land.I wonder sometimes how these other observers in the sixth boro process what they see. 

I can’t tell what I’m looking at quite often.  When the blue container ship entered port last week and I tried to make out the name on the curves of the bow, I read “loose sand” where seconds later I saw “Louds Island.”  Actually, I wish the vessel were called “loose sand.”  Remember “Ice Babe“?

Sometimes I just pay attention to these other eyes. 

Not knowing raises the level of intrigue.

They watch back too.

They even seem to have their own agenda.

They might even have their own way of seeing.

Today I have to work  inland  though, so here ends this post.