aka RD.  Like Grande Marocco leaving port.


With its mixed cargo, the vessel has crossed over to West Africa and is nearing its return to the sixth boro.


Quenames was southbound for the Kills on Friday, and then


a few days later, not far from this hill,

Well, here’s one answer.

coming up this river valley along with the rain,

Quenames was headed up in the direction of Albany.

Guess the hill

or house

or builder?

Starting answer: Olana    . . .  on Church Hill . . . certainly one of the more unusual places sending water and silt down to the sixth boro.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  If you’re free tomorrow evening, consider going to hear Carolina Salguero and Jessica DuLong speak on the mariners’ response to 9/11.