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Last Friday I rubbed my eyes after seeing a “shadow” on a section of the KVK.  Results of dredging, I wondered?  An issue of oil?  Problems in my perception?  Some time later, I looked back and  the color differentiation of waters

had moved.  That recalled this scene  back in June . . . a v-shaped force that swung large ships, each in the same direction as it was engulfed.

And back to Friday, here’s how the water streaks evolved.  It must be fresh river waters . . .  with their silt load, I then concluded.  Click here for Vlad’s post commenting on the same phenomenon.  And Fred tug44 sent these fotos from Waterford . . .  And this pic (by Patrick Dodson) of khaki waters overwhelming Lock 8 in Rotterdam.

So I decided on a gallivant up to see where this water painting the sixth boro came from.  Note the Hudson Light in the distance left.  (Doubleclick enlarges.)  Here’s the marina in Hudson, NY, with mud

stains showing the ramp and half the parking lot had been inundated.

As was the case in Catskill Creek, given debris and docks askew there.

Along the Hudson, here’s a clue to water level along the waterfront in Athens.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.   Alas, clean-up and reconstruction will last longer than the silt coloration in the sixth boro.  Click here and here for some of the last fotos I took up in that stretch of the River, almost a year ago.

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