The first four fotos here come thanks to Marian Hyman, who took them from the pier at 69/70th Street.  Not a hint of the froth and exhaust to come until  . . .

the signal comes, and then there are

pair matches as well as

whole field headed south to the finish line through silt that has floated down from every creek within the entire watershed.

This foto is mine.  Notice the man with the camera above and behind the right side of the crewman about to throw line.

The photographer is David Boone, and here’s his view of the events.  I was just off camera extreme left, standing just beyond the far side of the green tent.  Check out David’s fantastic artwork here.

David and others like bowsprite do watercolors;  actually every boat during the race was dabbling with

water colors.

For Rick “Old Salt’s” video, click here.  For Bonnie Frogma’s post, click here.