Aqua diamonds here means anchored tugs;  only  Miriam Moran is moving.    It’s Sunday morning around 0900.

Now . .  48 hours later the harbor escapes dormancy:  blue is passenger vessels, green is cargo vessels, and red is tankers.

Monday by 1100 APL Sardonyx re-enters a fairly deserted port to complete her transactions;  she had left port Saturday evening before dark . . . as seen in third map here.

Ditto MV Azuma Phoenix;  she was here at GMD Bayonne Friday, went to sea, and returned Monday afternoon.  Foto thanks to John Watson.

Celebrity Summit also entered port on Monday morning . . .  one or two days later than usual.  Did her passengers enjoy a day or two extra as they rode out the storm?  I’d love to hear their stories.  Will the passengers that loaded on Monday lose time on their cruise?

Tuesday morning Maria J pushes a work barge out the east end of the KVK. Is this the crew repainting the VZ Bridge?   That project also needed to be dismantled in the uncertain face of Irene.

All manner of tankers got moved into the docks this morning, like Stealth Haralambos, unusual here that assist is provided by two different companies:  Miriam Moran and McAllister’s Resolute.

One blimp (heading for the US Open Tennis?) moves in from an unusual direction overtop Evening Mist, Barney Turecamo, Austin Reinauer and Stephen-Scott Reinauer.

Box ships come and go, like Zim Shanghai and Camellia as well as tugs Maurania III,  Elk River, and the ones already named.

And all the Tuesday fotos were taken in about a half hour!

Has anyone seen a description of the rebooting of NYC’s transit system in the other five boros?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp except the one credited to John Watson.  and did I miss these, pointed out by Rick Old Salt?