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Here was my biggest surprise . . ..  details at end.

I know upstate along the Hudson and in Vermont Irene did her devastation;  ditto in parts of New Jersey.  But this morning along the KVK, scuttlebutt was  . . . Irene who?  What hurricane?  The killside was cleaner at the expense of the water, which carried flotsam out with the ebb.  Straw and sticks floated seaward here, whereas upstate small boats attached to docks might be drifting.   Traffic on the KVK was noticeably eastbound . . . out of protection, like soon after I stopped by . . .  7:58 am Margaret Moran,

8:10, Liberty IV,

8:15  . . . this ubiquitous private boat counters the trend,

8:24 . . . Tasman Sea  and Jane A. Bouchard.    Note how sunny, clear, and calm it is less than 24 hours after  Irene was expected to be her most frenzied here.

8:35 . . . Oyster Creek and Elk River tangoed.

8:40 . . . the rarely-seen-here Liberty II,

8:41 . . . a Moran trio of Gramma Lee T, Turecamo Girls, and James Turecamo,

8:49 . . .HMS Liberty pushes Chabria Sea westbound toward IMTT,

9:07 . . . Susan E. Witte prepares to take the stern of Energy 6508, pushed by Michigan Service,

9:09  . .  NRC Guardian . . .  coming out of the protected waters was the trend this morning.  Meanwhile, I had another item of business here . . . check on my

favorite livestock, the goats of the Narrows.  I hoped Irene’d

not made them seagoats.  I breathed easy when I saw them . . . working to keep the Narrows free

of poison ivy and other itchiness.

But the bad news in the sixth boro is  . .  that R. H. Tugs, one of my favorite eateries, has been sold.  SOLD!  Gone!  What follows?  !@!@??

All fotos this morning by Will Van Dorp.

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