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Here was Random  . . . August 2010.

Identify this?

And here, pushing barge John Blanche?

An unidentified sloop trails a self-assured looking Susan E.  Witte.

Lots of coordination gets Mangarella into Bayonne GMD, with Amy C, Ellen, and  Resolute;   John P. Brown escorts the door.

Norasia Alya makes its way into Global with help from Resolute and Ellen.

Stolt Bobcat (ex-Golden Legend) heads for sea as

crew snap some fotos of the receding Manhattan skyline, wondering what they didn’t see and who they didn’t meet.

Miriam Moran, indefatigeable  (and clearly “tireless”), sheet over the bow, travels to a paid asignation.   Ventura sails northeast between Robbins Reef and the Lady.

Your caption here for the foto below: ________

Maersk Barry anchors in smooth waters off the construction site that is the Battery.  Click here to see Barry in a turbulent Bay of Biscay.

Stena President transfers fluids at the dock in Bayonne.

Here’s more of that first shot:  Orange Blossom, transporting my favorite drink.    For another juice carrier post, click here.


Finally, about foto #2 above, it’s a first sign perhaps of the Kirby purchase of K-Sea;  tug is push boat Irene Frazier built by Kirby.  Irene will be replacing K-Sea’s Caspian Sea pushing John Blanche.  Many thanks to silverbk for the heads up.  Also thanks to John Watson for fotos of Mangarella and Norasia Alya . ..  and their associate escorts.

All other fotos by Will Van Dorp.

In case you’re wondering, I hope to puzzle more through the ghost ships soon.

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