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As illustration of decay, see this foto I took late winter 2008, and

this  . . . earlier this week.  Details about this vessel, Bayou Plaquemine, were given a few days ago . . . here.

Excuse the blurry foto below that shows an unidentified vessel to Bayou…’s starboard, seen

closeup here.  A puzzle to me it is, as

is the wooden vessel resting along the bow portside of the red tugboat below and in these fotos (see the 5th and 6th ones) from a few days ago.

Compare my fotos here (2011) with Tom Kirsch’s from a few years back (2005?).  Time and weather yield annihilation, eradicating identity,

obliterating memory, and creating puzzles occupied by mute ghosts.  Anyone recognize starboard (to the left of PC-1217 portside engine detail lower center ) or

bow or

more starboard of this many-riveted vessel?  Or the stern of the nearer one?

Or this one . . .  bow and metal house once defined a single vessel here.

The change of design is such that I can’t recognize the parts here, not surprising given how recently I’ve come to these puzzles, but is this a cylindrical coaming for a barge and

are these chains on rods part of a dredge?  Can you assist in any identifications here?

Or these three

along Hila’s portside

or this one, stern view . . . beyond where–I believe–Abram S. Hewitt once lay–along Hila‘s starboard side?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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