“Ghost gallery” returns to scenes from several years back with fotos I’ve not used, at least not in this version.  Take Peking‘s last move . . . the whole harbor exudes gravity on a cold mid-January afternoon as McAllister

tugs Elizabeth and Responder assist in slipping her back into hibernation (a terminal coma?) beside Pier 16.  Compare the colors here with those in Rick’s post about this other Blohm + Voss vessel.

Some years back I went to a BWAC show in the old warehouse, but the only image left in my head from that day intruded from beyond the window  . . . this dome

now gone to leave nothing but a trestle leading to a scar.

Brian A. McAllister . . . where does it now operate?

Time to bring back some color, like the

“Gardens in Transit” decals that covered many moving objects–including ex-LT-2089— in NY some years back.

Last shot here . . . Cosette used to transport the used cars out of New York, a task now performed by Grey Shark and others.  Cosette once occupied the niche of Danalith in Narragansett Bay.  I wonder two things:  where is Cosette today and what great Bolivian port of registry did/does she wear on her stern . . . Potosi?  Salar de Uyuni?

All fotos from the archives of Will Van Dorp.  Got any good fotos to share from your sixth boro archives?  I’d love to see them.