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New York’s sixth boro has its variety of marine traffic and its icons, but this time of year in western Netherlands, a harvest flotilla delights the eyes . . . and wears out Fred Trooster’s camera-shutter finger.  Check out Fred’s fotos here.

Dorothy J. (1982slings  Jill A. Caddell (2011), a new floating drydock extension from Senesco Marine and  through the harbor on Friday . . .  I can’t make out the assist tug.  This foto thanks to John Watson.

Iron Wolf (1983) tows

once-used plastic.  If some folks think NYC has provocative statues, they should check out the ads around town for Manhattan Mini-Storage . . . like the one over on the west side of the East River in the background.

Miriam Moran (1979) here waits on Carvival Glory (Italy-built 2003, Panama-flagged) to ready herself for Canada.

Vernon C passes the Statue pulling

oil in a  barge with a complicated name.

Susan E. Witte (2004) assists Meagan Ann (1975).

Crow moves around some scows.

Crewman tests the boarding ramp as

APL Oman (Romania-built 2010, Singapore-flagged) allows Bruce A. McAllister (1974) to move in and

land the pilot to guide vessel into

Newark Bay.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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