Ace . . . never seen it before.  Can you guess its location?  Answer follows.  I’d love to know the story.  Mebbe she’s the 1949er formerly known as Oil King?  And what of the collapsed rail bridge lower left?

Is that Michael Cosgrove sashayed eastbound on the East River with the 2006 Pegasus?

Here’s Franklin Reinauer headed for Erie Basin.

 Note the crewman portside between the two scows as

Thomas J Brown heads for Gowanus.

Is it true that Shawn Miller pushed a barge to  transport Our Lady for some R & R?

Foto of Ace was taken by will Van Dorp in the Wallabout Channel today.

And important news from Reuters, the escaped peacock has voluntarily returned to its home;  my speculation is that a love match had frayed and said-cock needed some time away.