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Angus Express got in about 24 hours later than had been predicted  . . . that’s right on time, boat time.  Many thanks to John McCluskey and John Watson for these pics.

 I believe that’s Quantico Creek standing by with bunker fuel.

The top two fotos come from John Watson, and the ones below come thanks to John McCluskey, who shot these from Bay Ridge.

 Around the same time the heifer vessel arrived, who came in . ..

 Wooley Bully!!!    Of course THAT’s as much a coincidence as my linking to this song.

Angus and Shorthorn are two of ten vessels in the Vroon fleet.  Angus is two years older and about 50′ shorter than Shorthorn.  The visit of these two vessels in the past half month raises a lot of logistical questions in the mind of this erstwhile farm kid;  some answers are provided in this series of links:  types of livestock carriers, relative size and capacity  (  e.g., 14,000 cattle!!!) , problems/challenges associated with this transport . . .  Here are many more such vessels.    Questions NOT answered for me are:  is the manure stored until reaching destination or treated/disposed of at sea?  Ditto . ..  fatalities among the animals?  And although it probably bunkered “empty” of cattle, is a loaded vessel noisy  . . as a stable with lowing and mooing?  What type of feed is given to the cows enroute?  Can cattle get seasick?  Why have we seen two cattle carriers in two weeks, whereas I’ve not noticed one before?  And facetiously, might a hull filled with several thousand lowing cattle be heard–conducted via water–by a pod of whales?

Angus arrived in the sixth boro yesterday in late afternoon, and as of this writing, it is about to enter Delaware Bay on its way to  . . . Wilmington.  So is Ocean Drover.  Can anyone get me an invitation to tour a cattle carrier  vessel there?

Related:  Check out this cattle transport.

Quite unrelated:  Samudio . . .I am GLAD you are still around!

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