Previous pilot boat fotos show vessels of Interport Pilots here,  Chesapeake pilots here, Charleston harbor here, Newport here, and New York areas ones here.  Below, Sandy Hook Pilots vessel Yankee heads out two months back when Blue Marlin lingered in the harbor;  on or about August 4 Blue Marlin will return.

The white speck in front of the Yonkers sugar plant is a Hudson River Pilot, operating out of Station Yonkers.   Universal Amsterdam offloads sugar while the nearer vessel, Ocean Titan, prepares to accept a pilot as it heads upriver .

Outside Mayport Naval Station, a pilot steps from the outbound vessel onto the pilot vessel.

St Johns River Bar Pilot heads out to meet an incoming container vessel CSAV Loncomilla.

On the eastern tip of Dodge Island, vessels of Biscayne Bay Pilot wait.

Vessel Biscayne returns to  the station between Miami Beach’s South Pointe Park and Fisher Island.

Vessel below was docked on the Key West waterfront;  this is all I could find on pilot boats here.

Vessels of Schaefer Pilot Transfer Service–Miss Kitty and Betty S--tie up at the shack under the Rte 213 bridge over the C & D Canal.

Scroll thru to see fotos of the launches in service near the end of this link.

…. which brings us back to the sixth boro.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Here’s a 20-year-old article about Sandy Hook pilots from the NYTimes.

From today’s Times, here’s an article about a canoe trip on the Salish Sea and one about a veritable NYC monster, a 200-ton cutterhead in … er . .  under . . .  the town.

Enjoy this wild pilot compilation.  And another.

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