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This very quick post from Miami before hitting the road for Key West starts with this question:  can you identify the doodle/logo at the lower right side of this foto?  Answer at end of post.  My first thought I must admit was that a lurking bowsprite had drawn this, unable to resist the artistic impulse.

Quick and dirty of tugboat Florida:  I’ll have to research this upon my return.  Here and here are some youtubes about Miami tugs.

Pilot boat Biscayne returns from sea.

WLIC 801 Hudson is docked around the corner of Dodge Island from

all of these and more.  Vessels here from left to right are:  Chandeleur, Yellowfin, Gannet, Diamondback, Drummond, and at least one unidentified vessel beyond them.

Things I saw but couldn’t foto:  Cargo vessel Caribe Trader escorted into the port, and a pelican that glided past me as I treaded water . . . less than 10 feet from me and with wingtips dragging low less than 6 inches from the water . . . a  prehistoric but beautiful flyer.  And Linda Lee Bouchard pushing a fuel barge southbound about five miles off Miami Beach yesterday.

Things I didn’t see but wish I had:  the Belzona tugs and the banks of the Miami River as it snakes (alligators) toward the northwest through Miami.

And that doodle is NOT bowsprite’s  . . . unless she’s done this work on commission for the Irish Coast Guard.  Check this.  I took the foto in the Capt. Peter Boucher’s study, where I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing the stories behind Nautical Log.  Peter has just returned from his hometown of Waterford, Ireland, which hosted the WTSF.  Fotos can be found here and on two subsequent days.

Places I hope to get to some day:  Waterford, Ireland!

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