Important question:  when was the Declaration of Independence signed and who wrote it?

 Be careful . . . I  got it wrong.  The fotos here are just for your enjoyment.

The Answer is  . . . it was signed on July 2, and the declaration of independence was written by

Richard Henry Lee.

What Thomas Jefferson wrote bore the title “A Declaration

by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress assembled . . .”

If you have time this weekend, read it.  Someone in this country could use phrases in Jefferson’s declaration to oppose

any of the 44 US presidents elected since 1776.  Vessel here works for the New York Naval Militia.

Enjoy the day, stay cool, and keep your powder dry.

All fotos by will Van Dorp, and while we’re mentioning presidents, read what scuttlefish has to say about them here.