aka Bowsprite . . .  and kudos for seeing and helping us see with your pen and brush and bamboo sticks, rendering all manner of floating things . . . some that

roar, some that sink and

and rise and sink and rise or open and shut and open and  . . .  ;

others that swivel and heave and sway.

They’re all treasure maps to me . . . and now KUDOS to you for passing your first 100,000 hits!  It’s not about the numbers, but the number do affirm the appreciation.

The harbor . . . the sixth boro has enough nuggets like this on Coursen and Minue (doubleclick enlarges both this “digital ark” image and all my images here)  for the next 100,000 and then the  next hundred thousand 100,000s of posts after that from your sketchbook.

In the next week or so . . . Macys and Grucchi may be feting your accomplishment . . . .

If you LOVE Bowsprite, drop her a line . . .  on second thought . . .  belay that–because she might just cleat it.    If you LOVE Bowsprite, write her.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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Unrelated but interesting from today’s NYTimes:  road art of Pakistan .  .  . but this truck decoration custom suffuses many other countries as well.