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The tide turns, literally.  More fotos will follow.

By 6:13 this morning, the first set of barges (BFT 38 ? and RTC 41) had just been loaded.

At 6:37, the second set ( BFT 50 and Putnam ) was drifting into position.

At 6:51, this second set was slipping in ahead of the supports.

For over an hour, the remaining barges remained lost in the haze.  Lucy Reinauer arrived around 9 a.m. and began a series of slow laps around the operation.

At 11:13, as Blue Marlin began to swing counterclockwise with the beginning of the floodtide, Bruce McAllister–assisted by Megan and Ellen–matched the swing with barges RTC 501 and RTC 70.

By 11:31, Blue Marlin had swung almost 180 degrees and Bruce eased the two barges into their position on the lift vessel.  What’s clear now is how wide this load is when viewed head-on.  Elizabeth McAllister stood by.

By 12:43 Amy C McAllister  had shoehorned  George Morris  in.  Note the color difference in the V-shaped flood tide waters.  Anyone know if the color difference is due more to the difference in  temperature or in salinity?

By 12:56 the flood tide had advanced farther into the Bay.  Soon, if not already, the de-ballasting would begin.  Container ships in the distance are Ecem Kalkavan and Commander.

And with 94-degree heat and my loss of shade, I left.

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