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I could have composed this shot–through the fence–better, but it illustrates something about the shape of Maverick, one of the tugs currently aboard Blue Marlin:  seen frontally, it appears somewhat diamond-shaped because of

these–bucket fenders–designed to fend off when an assisting tug finds itself in too close proximity to

the flared bow or

stern of a larger vessel it assists.

The flared ends of a vessel, as it’s assisted, pose

many sorts of danger.

Thus, bucket fenders are not about flair but rather

quite functional.

Tugboats after Maverick  here include Carly A. Turecamo,  Gramma Lee T Moran, Catherine Turecamo, and Ellen McAllister.  Now that you know the dangers of flare, enjoy a few more shots with Ellen here

and here, as well as

Margaret Moran at the stern flare.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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